V1.1 released!

Donut Defense V1.1 has been released! Read about the changes here:

  • Updated version after the release on itch.io
  • Added download option for Mac and Linux
  • Major bugfix: The game should not freeze anymore when some things are happening at the same time
    (e.g. when the village was attacked during a fight on the exploration map)
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • Improved mouse control when moving buildings
  • New tutorial
  • Improved balancing
  • Heroes need less MP to use skills
  • Heroes learn new skills when leveling up (instead of possessing them all from the start)
  • The player can now choose between three maps to play
  • The player can now save manually
  • Visible spoils when an enemy was defeated
  • Houses produce less gold
  • Added option to turn off animated tiles
  • Added ship
  • Added training

Have you got ideas for improvement or more features? Let me know at any time!

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