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Note: This pack was an exclusive download for Patrons. It's currently being expanded and will be released soon. Stay tuned!

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The Rinober’s Futuristic Vehicles asset pack is a small expansion for the Futuristic Cities pack, containing some more futuristic vehicles to add variation to your game.

  • The hand-drawn style of this pack is compatible with all my other resource packs.
  • There are two styles available: One with black outlines for strong contrasts and one with colored outlines for less contrasts. Choose the one you like the most or even combine them.
  • 5 unique cars with 4 color variations each. One of the cars is bigger than the rest and could serve well as a bus or train.
  • 1 animated garage door in two different sizes
  • A guide on how to use the graphics is included
  • Commercial use is allowed
  • Usage in any gamedev tool is allowed (not restricted to RPG Maker)
  • Editting permitted

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