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Rinober's Asset Packs offer you a drawn graphic style for the creation of your 2D (RPG Maker) game.

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The Rinober’s Futuristic Cities asset pack gives you everything you need to develop a basic game with a modern or futuristic setting. Create your own, incredible cities with both exteriors and interiors, as well as lots of details to make your cities come alive! This pack offers you graphics in common RPG Maker MV/MZ formats, including all necessary tilesets from A1 to A5 (48x48 px tiles) and several character sets ranging from people to objects. However, you may use the graphics with any game development tool you want! Start creating your futuristic city now!

  • A new, hand-drawn graphic style for your games!
  • There are two styles available: One with black outlines for strong
    contrasts and one with colored outlines for less contrasts. Choose the one you like the most or even combine them!
  • 11 tilesets which you can create modern and futuristic-looking
    cities with, including interiors and exteriors (22 sets in total, taking into consideration both outline styles)
  • 16 unique characters with numerous variations (clothing, hair
    style, skin color), resulting in a total of 405 character sets. Reuse your characters in certain situations, let them change their clothes and make the best of your NPCs!
  • 31 character sets with objects such as doors, chests, paintings and cupboard variations
  • A guide on how to use the graphics is included
  • Commercial use is allowed
  • Usage in any gamedev tool is allowed (not restricted to RPG Maker)
  • Editing permitted

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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, Asset Pack, assets, characterset, Futuristic, graphics, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Tileset
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Get this asset pack and 4 more for $50.00 USD
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I assume this is 48x48?

Hi, yes it is. I'll add the information in the info text, thanks!

Hi, amazing work! Is commercial use OK? And does the pack contain some normal modern vehicles, in addition to the futuristic looking ones?

(2 edits)

Hi, thank you! Yes, commercial use is allowed. This pack only contains one futuristic vehicle. You can find more futuristic and normal vehicles in the Futuristic Vehicles pack

Hey, I like your work!
Can you tell me which tiles have autotile format?

Hey, thank you! Sure! There are five tilesets which are formatted as autotiles: A1-A5. A1 is animated, including water and waterfalls. A2 contains floors and carpets, A3-A4 is for buildings and walls, and A5 for several floors and stairs.

Hey, thanks for the answer