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Rinober's Asset Packs offer you a drawn graphic style for the creation of your 2D (RPG Maker) game.

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Rinober’s Futuristic Dungeons gives you everything you need to develop a basic game with a modern or futuristic setting. It works both stand-alone and as an addition to your Futuristic Cities. Create incredible dungeons in a futuristic, modern, or "classic" style with this pack, which offers you several possibilities for different settings: caves, mines, alien worlds, laboratories, server rooms, discos and more. This pack contains graphics in common RPG Maker MV/MZ formats, including all necessary tilesets A1, A2, A4, A5, B, C, D and E (48x48 px tiles), plenty of character sets ranging from people to objects, and parallaxes for background effects. However, you may use the graphics with any game development tool you want! Prepare yourself for the creation of challenging dungeons for your players.

  • The hand-drawn graphic style is compatible with all my other asset packs.
  • Each graphic comes in two styles: one with black outlines, the other one with colored outlines for less contrast.
  • 11 tilesets (22 sets in total, taking into consideration both outline styles)!
  • 16 unique characters with numerous variations (clothing, hair style, skin color), resulting in a total of 314 character sets!
  • 38 character sets with objects such as doors, chests, traps, character's holograms, puzzle elements and more!
  • 9 parallaxes for the creation of background effects!
  • A guide on how to use the graphics is included.
  • Commercial use is allowed
  • Usage in any gamedev tool is allowed (not restricted to RPG Maker)
  • Editing permitted

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GenreRole Playing
Made withRPG Maker
Tags2D, cave, Characters, dungeon, Futuristic, JRPG, RPG Maker, Sci-fi, Tileset
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Get this asset pack and 4 more for $50.00 USD
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Hi Rinober,

I just wanted to let you know that your Tilesets and characters rock! I think you draw them all by yourself, that's amazing and they really look fantastic. Honestly, they will fit my puzzle game well.


Hi there,
thank you very much for your kind words, it's much appreciated! I hope the graphics will be of good use to you :)